Does anyone else feel the point of this website is being lost a little?

More and more I'm seeing topics that aren't really "girls ask guys" questions or "guys ask girls".
To me, the name suggests asking questions gender related, opinion related. Initially, relationships. Would you guys think, what do you girls make of this, kind of questions.

I feel more and more questions aren't really relevant, especially race questions and religious questions. It's not a question of finding a justified two sided opinion, it's a "see who agrees with me most" battle that I can't be bothered with.

Maybe I'm on my own, but is anyone else sick of seeing these hate fuelled questions?

  • Yes, the point of the website has been lost a little
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  • No, I think all questions here are relevant
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Okay. I mean hate related questions. Any gay/straight/bi/cross dressing/cross gender/anyone can use this site to ask any of the gays/straights/etc etc people on this website any question and it's not limited to anyone.


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  • My thing is does it really matter as long as people have questions and they get answered everyone's happy. It's a question and answer site and that's what's getting done whether by the other gender or by everyone. If they wanted it to be only other gender then they wouldn't have made it so that both genders could answer for any question. Also relationships are more than just man and women. There are gay couples, straight couples, transgender couples, interracial couples. Every relationship is diffrent

    • Yes, I was trying to explain I wasn't expending only men to answer women's questions and visa versa. It's more I feel this website is being used to fuel hate questions more than actually helping people.

    • We'll some questions are fueled by hate of course some people will always ruin good things, but most of these people just have questions they wan answered so it doesn't really matter

    • Fair enough. Wish I had your news feed! :P

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  • for me questions like "rate me" "I need tech help" "am I too (body feature)" should for the most part be left for other sites. than there's questions that are off topic that are interesting and do get you to think which is a good thing.

    example: I'm not really into books myself but even though it's off topic people who read would love to answer a question like "Can anyone suggest some great books/series for me to read?"

    in my opinion there has to be a line between is it important, informative, useful, or just plain silly, useless, random. it's too bad you can't filter questions along those lines.

  • Yes, i agree:) I had some person following me around
    if i didn't give a answer right they were very rude to me
    there is lot of fake females on here that are males trying
    to get their nut off.. I'm 100 % Male i don't ask questions
    cause I'm afraid to be hated on.. I can't help if i give a
    wrong answer.. My mind is not advanced and i can't help it
    i do try to give the best opinions but yes it has became loss

  • I agree, but im mostly tired of the virgin, and insecurity questions. Many of those can be asked by your own mind and your friends. Asking questions on this website should be about real topics and real conversation dealing with the limits of understanding each other from a sex-gender point of view.

    • I joined this site because I couldn't speak to my friends about some questions. I get the like "are my nipples normal" questions because you don't really wanna rock up to ya friend and crack ya tits out.
      But I just feel a lot of these questions are hate fuelled :/

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    • I come back because of questions I ask and for the rare few worth asking. I also have a few messages from people I enjoy helping.
      I've just noticed recently the website changing.

    • This website has been changing because it is alive, the people create it like a human body full of cells and organs that do their part. I do believe this website is in a bad state now, but eventually it will gain its reputable stance for something worth answer.

  • Well I'm still relatively new to the site, but I can see why you'd say that. The point is not lost, just a lot of junk to filter through sometimes.

  • I don't know about race, but religious questions are more important than anything. Your faith is who you are and what do you think will happen when you find out your new partner doesn't agree with any of your beliefs?

    • Not the religious questions I meant. More about the religious hate that you're in the wrong one.
      Isn't that more a relationship issue than a religious problem? it's a difference of religion yes, but it's a lack of communication as well.

    • I have always found it funny, I mean out of all the couples everywhere, if you broke up from a disagreement, then why didn't you 2 talk about that stuff the day you met.

  • I think its good to come up with fun and interesting questions once in awhile. Mixing it up alil makes things more interesting on this site. Its kinda tiresome reading the same topic over and over again -_-

  • i know how you feel but if you come on too often then everything becomes same old same old.

  • race questions get removed when black girls start getting called out on their white fetishizing.

  • what can you expect when it is overcrowded with under 18s and trolls


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  • LOL I find this site has changed. I see a lot of sexually frustrated and confused people. There is a shit ton of questions about people who are concerned about their dick size.

  • I still like it

  • i think any questions are fine. esp. those that are important in our daily lives.