Is anyone else having trouble sending a private message here?

I'm trying to message somebody that I follow, and my message falls within the minimum and maximum character limit. However, I still get the notice "Message is either too long or too short".

The message does contain a link, so I'm not sure if that's an issue. I've never had trouble messaging this person before.


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  • Try sending the link as a separate message, that should make it go through.
    Sometimes to links mess with the character limit allowance and count.

    • On a different but related not, the limit on characters in comments is supposed to be 1000 characters, but any time I get close to that I get a message that it is too long. Then I have to start editing to make it shorter, over and over, till it finally is accepted. And there are no links in them.

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    • Some keystrokes are not counted.

    • This worked, thanks!


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  • I've had the same problem even with no links included
    in the messages. If I reach the maximum number of characters
    it won't send and gives me the "Message is either too long or too short".

    I usually have to remove a line, and send
    another message, to get it all in there.

    Could be a deeper coding problem or something
    I don't know, I'm not the person to ask, when it comes
    to technology.. ^.~

  • Yeah I've noticed this as well, and I do think that the use of a link can sometimes be problematic.

    I usually just copy the last paragraph of my message, delete it, and send it off right away in a subsequent PM.

  • I've noticed that the maximum word count is actually lower than what is allowed. If it says 1000 characters for example, it's more like 990.

    • Yeah I've noticed that on opinions and I think the same thing is happening with the messaging system too. The max is 500 characters but if I come in under 450, it's okay.

  • Sometimes when I reply to a message, I have to go to the sender's profile page to respond to the message. I don't know why it does that.


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  • I just sent a message went through no problem.