Is there a reason why votes don't show who voted (not polls but on regular questions)?

When it comes to the votes on questions that I have asked I've often wondered who voted for what. My reason being that those votes sometimes help me in making choices in MHOs. I've been thinking about it though. If, for an example, someone asks a yea or nay question and one Gag member is a yea-after that they could go through and down vote anyone that they disagree with-skewing my ability to use votes when trying to choose. I know it's not something people typically do-but it crosses my mind as it is something I use when choosing MHO when applicable (when people have voted on opinions). Is there a reason other than for anonymous voting (cause people could chose to stay anon couldn't they?) that keeps people from seeing who voted on what?


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  • Upvotes and Downvotes are a simple, anonymous way to agree or disagree with an opinion.
    True, many downvotes are a reflection of someone disliking the PERSON rather than the OPINION, but we do prefer to keep those anonymous.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Probably so people don't get singled out for supporting unpopular opinions.

    Also, kudos for using the word 'yea' and not 'yay'.

  • I don't get why people care about xper/mho, etc..
    It doesn't seem like something that matters, definitely not worth paying someone to code it in imo.

    • MH helps give more Xper points in which the person might want to use to purchase something and get a higher rank on the site which can give privileges. If someone loves being on GaG then they appreciate the MHs.

    • I'm not about the points so much as I want to select the most thorough or helpful answer. By doing so it would make it the first response under the question. This would help those that see the question and want the answer too because they may have a similar question. Yes they could look at all of the answers but I know some people don't have the time to do so and it would help them. That's why MHOs matter to me personally. :)

    • I appreciate mhs but if I was after reward crap so much I would get a second job or something lol, I don't know I think the anonymous posting should be removed in general, down votes just shouldn't be taken into account if its obvious mis use

  • Privacy... just like any other voting process. :-D


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  • That's a great suggestion because I've noticed butt-hurt down votes happen with some people that are totally unwarranted. If I knew that the votes came from some troll or people who follow people that I think are useless on the site, I don't think their opinion matters as much as someone who has a higher percentage of MH answers who actually cares what they are talking about.

  • Wait whatttttt?