How do you get a question listed under two topics?

I thought I had it figured out because I was able to get one of my questions listed under both fashion and guy's behavior (because it was equally about both). Yet now that I've tried doing it for a second time with a new question-it won't do it! So to clarify-how exactly do you get a question to list under two topics?


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  • You can only choose one Topic for each question.

    Sometimes you may see a question with two; Sexual Behavior and something else.
    This happens when the Asker didn't correctly choose the Sexual Behavior Topic and our system caught keywords and put it there anyway.
    We admins actually correct those to make sure they only have one Topic, so they only have two Topics for a short time.

    This information can always be found in our FAQ, please check it out :-)

    • Thanks for MH, haha!

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