Does GirlsAskGuys still have a journal section?

They used to have a journal section to write journals before they revamped the whole web site.

If they still do then I am not sure how to use it anymore.

I really miss it and wish it was still easy to use of it is still around.

Whenever I tell facts in the question sections the people who answer ask me if it is a question.

If the Journal section was still around or easy to access, peoe like me can tell advice, wisdom or facts and people can share there thoughts, critiques/constructive criticism and ways to help without having to ask in a form of a question.

If this were possible then that would be amazing.

If the journal section is still around, somebody ho me out here.


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  • It's gone and I'm glad they got rid of it. I don't see how sitting down on my ass and reading some biased article could help me when I could just go on YouTube

  • We no longer have Stories, no.
    We're constantly tweaking the site though, so we always appreciate suggestions and feedback :-)


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  • Facebook has one