Why can't I choose Most Helpful quickly for some questions?

Some questions I can choose Most Helpful after an hour of asking, but others it says it's too soon. I posted a question yesterday and I tried picking Most Helpful but it said too soon for Most Helpful. Today I posted a question, and I was able to pick Most Helpful after two hours.

Does it have to do with the amount of answers?


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  • To pick a MHO quickly, a minimum of 4 opinions is needed.
    If you get 4 opinions in a short amount of time (2 minutes or so), the system will allow you to select. Otherwise, the system makes you wait a day or two in the hopes that you'll receive more responses.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Probably the amount of time BECAUSE
    not everyone has had a chance to respond, THUS
    the MH-A may still be out there and posting a MH
    sooner than later will curb some from bothering to waste their time.

    Many a time have I seen a MH-A only for it to be bested by someone bringing more experience & prose to bat.

  • I have no idea why this is either. I've seen people choose MH in like 8 minutes and I can't choose until like 8 days:P

  • Now this is a very good question I think the algorythym may be set to a minimum of 10 replies have to be recorded before the MHO can be given. Just a guess on my part? There are (Gagger's) on here all the time maybe one of them will see your post and can answer your question.

  • It is a new rule on site.


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