How do u update the picture on ur profile?

I know what your thinking "gosh what an idiot can't even update ur pic wow u fail at life" but im new here and im not very smart or funny for that matter anyways if u could help me then cheers and have a great day if not cheers anyways and have a great day


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  • Hi, lazlo686!

    You need to go to the top right user's menu, then click on edit profile and then click on the "update" button next to your profile pic to change it.

    For further info, visit


    • I have same concern in updating my profile picture using phone.. it doesn't work.. it used to work before though...

    • hi Zoe, have you tried doing so today? that problem is supposed to be fixed. please let me know if it's not.

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  • Click on edit profile when you click on your own name.. then beside your picture is an edit profile button in orange click on that :):)

  • Hello! I'm new as well. Go to edit profits and when it shows your icon there should be a golden bar that says 'update?' Hit that and I think you can update it. If that doesn't work let me know and I'll try to help you out further.

    • I went to my pics and tried selecting an image but it shows nothing after I click on the pic by the way im doing this on a phone

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    • Ok thanks I will try your tips on how to do this lol anyways have a good day!

    • You're most welcome! You have a good day as well.

  • Edit profile.
    Update (beside the picture)


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  • There was an issue with uploading avatars from mobiles but that has now been fixed! :)