Who is your favorite GAGer(s)?

What personality trait they seem to have that impress you? Which GAGer (s) you talk to most often? :)


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  • xHoneyxBeex is my best friend :). We talk everyday! She's helped me and given me someone to talk to about whatever I'm thinking about :). She's really sweet and is beautiful inside and out. It makes me happy to mention her on all these questions because she means that much to me :-)

    @justbanannaz is my best Australian friend! She is very sweet and cool! She's a tomboy to the max and its just so fun talking with her CRIKEY

    • Omg I forget the @! Sorry

      @xhoneyxbeex :)

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    • Omg you are terrible! Almost as terrible as me and these mentions omg


    • haha dw ill teach you how to use it right. on the other hand tho, i must admit that u using it incorrectly is hilarious. i might leave u to ur ways just to get a good laugh mwuhaha 0:)

      oh puhlease reeddneeck is it THAT difficult?

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  • @yaddayaddayadda02 - He cracks me up way too much
    @PrettyBama - We joke way too much... randomly as shit too
    @Averagewhiteboy - coolest dude I've ever talked to on here and off. That's the homie

  • @MarkyyG123 - just because he is a major nerd :P and we talk like everytime ahha
    @basketballchick- one of my close friends in reality :)) pree much see her everyday too :") hahaa

    • haha I'm a major nerd, now Zo, remember this no lying policy we agreed on? Gotta stop, you promised you would. Now tell everyoone the truth about how big a nerd you really are!!! :P haha
      Yeah, we talk all the time everytime :D Not complaining :D

    • yeah the lying policy is for you remember :P
      okay okay i confess mark isn't a nerd, he's the most nerdiest of the nerds in the world that there can be :O
      hahahah yeah :))

  • He knows who he who is. He's funny and just amazing. :)

  • @Geeks_are_people _too. He has a great personality, and he's just awesome.

  • You need to bring your butt more often around here @Nothing_

  • too many many :)