Opinions out of order?

Is it just me or is every one's elses opinions out of order. I've noticed that opinions are no longer placed in order form Newest to oldest, but more like their placed in random order.


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  • Yeah. Opinions are now placed with higher xper levels at the top and lower xper levels at the bottom.

    It's so stupid and I wish the admins would change it back. Just because someone is a new user doesn't mean their opinions should get shoved to the bottom of the pile. It's also much harder to find new opinions to questions because as more people with different xper levels answer, they get placed in different areas based on their level and I just don't like it at all..

    • I totally agree that it's unfair just to write someone off just cause they have a low Xper level. I doubt they will change it back, seeing we still don't have side by side opinions. Still hard to believe, gone only 16 days and finding more and more changes :(.

    • Thanks for MH :)

    • No problem :).

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  • Haha the opinions are placed from old "at the top" new "down the bottom" its weird it should be the other way around.. (im viewing gag on phone) i dont know about other devices

    • Opinions are neither oldest to newest or newest to oldest for me, it looks like their just random. I'm just looking at a question now, and at the very bottom of the girls opinions, the last opinion says 5 hours, the opinion right above it says 8 hours and the 3rd opinion right above that one says 42 minutes.

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    • Apparently they changed it to highest to lowest Xper level :(.

    • Yeah i saw on honeybees response.. Well that freaking sucks, its so confusing 😒

  • Apparently, it's according to your rank now. Highest rank at the top to anons at the bottom.

  • Yes, that is annoying, I wish they'd quit changing things.

  • I can't say I have noticed this phenomenon.

  • This is so ridiculous. Why is there a hierarchy?


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