What's with all these penis questions?

Why is every second question on this website about dicks? Chill out, boys.


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  • The weird thing is that in real life guys almost never talk about dick size. Unless they are just joking around. As a matter of fact I don't think I've EVER heard a guy in real life talk about his dick size unless he was joking.


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  • You can try out mine, and then answer my dick question on how it felt.

    Just kidding obviously, I don't know. People are insecure and want to know how they compare to other guys I guess.

  • What do you think of mine? (Refer to My profile picture)

    Lol... I don't know Honestly, people get bored.

  • I think its the same guy posting over and over again.

  • People are insecure.

    But they aren't as bad as the rate me questions. Those are literally all day long.

  • > boys
    > on the internet

    You name it.

    Everything is perfectly normal here. I can't even understand why you feel so surprised.

  • Because men don't have any other outlet for discussing their insecurities like women do.

    Also, because women often say "it doesn't matter... unless (fill in the blank)" which leaves a lot of room for doubt. What is too big? What is too small?


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  • yeah agree those questions are as boring as those "rate me" questions

  • I really haven't noticed it being every second question.
    I don't browse the sexual topics as much though, so maybe that's why.
    We have sooo many questions posted daily now, there's a lot about other things.

    • You don't have to browse the sexual topics. It's all mixed with everything else and right there in front. Yes it's gotten VERY common since GaG started messing with things. Like daily kind of common.

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    • I have no idea what or where the categories even are now. You guys hid them away somewhere. Ever since the major change last winter I only see the main page. I NEVER use categories any more.

      200 sexuality questions? Used to be that a lot of times the sexuality questions wouldn't even scroll off the page after half a day. And there definitely wasn't the constant barrage of dick questions like there is now. It's seriously getting old. This place is turning into a perv site and a troll site instead of a site that actually tries to help people.

    • @DanAG
      Our Topic list can be found by hovering over QUESTIONS at the top, then clicking By Topic.
      From there, you can Follow and Block Topics... you can then filter your LIVE FEED by Topics you Follow, or even just Users you Follow, etc. And the Topics you've blocked will now show in your LIVE FEED.
      From that same drop down menu, you can find questions with No Opinions (many good questions out there aren't being answered) or Recent, and others.
      By going by the LIVE FEED only and not using the filtering system to your advantage, you will only see questions that people are in at that time. You can explore elsewhere and find great questions easily, it's never hard for me :-)

      All of this info can be found in our FAQ too, for reference.