Silly question but here goes If you block someone can they still message you?

It's all in the question if you block someone can they still message you?


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  • No, they can't send you private messages. If you ask a question admitting to how you are they also can't post on it. However if you ask an anonymous question then anyone you have blocked can answer.


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  • Delete any ongoing conversation with them FIRST, then block them.
    After that, they should no longer be able to send you private messages.

  • No thay can't, as I had someone messaged me a question about my avatar, didn't know they blocked till I went to reply and get a message stating they blocked me when I went to hit send.

  • Not sure haven't blocked anyone

    • I don't usually block but I have a guy that keeps sending lewd messages.

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  • I don't think they can, I'm sure that's the point of blocking someone but I don't know for sure cause I've never actually blocked anyone

    • Yes I was looking through FAQ but can't find the answer.

    • no I'm sure that they can't message you unless you ask a question anonymously they can comment

  • No. They can't send messages. Blocked users can still comment on ur opinions if you go anonymous.

    • No I just keep getting unwanted messages.

    • I got this from the FAQs:

      If you are uneasy about someone following your activities, no worries; you can just block them. Furthermore, those members who you block will not be able to respond to any of your entries such as sharing on your questions, commenting on your opinion (UNLESS you post anonymously), or sending you a message.
      Keep in mind that when you block someone, you're automatically blocked back.

      To block another member, simply go to that member's profile page and click on "Block" on the left menu.
      Also, when you hover your mouse over their username in a question/opinion, click the X to block them.