Do you get notified when your question/opinion/comment gets removed?

I noticed someone's opinion got removed from my question. I have commented on his opinion.

I didn't get a message in my inbox. I have no idea if any of my previous opinions or questions got removed.

So my question are:

Will I get notified if it happens? Why didn't I get a message that my comment was removed (along with his opinion)?


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  • the admins are thieves in the night. they will pilfer a comment and render the entire post meaningless. but they are not without ethics. having butt-fucked you, they will then send you a very sweet notification explaining their lack of reasoning and then cowardly leaving you no option to reply. on those rare occasions when i actually give a shit what they non-think i will contact them by that little button somewhere down there at the bottom of all pages. when i get an answer, i often find it to be rather confusing. i believe it's because they are typing and picking their noses at the same time.


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  • Only the user will get notified if their post gets removed. When an admin permanently removes a post, the user will receive an email. No one else gets notified though. If you commented on his opinion, you won't be notified because your opinion didn't actually get removed, it just disappeared when the opinion itself got removed. Just like if a question gets removed, the individual opinion owners' won't get notified, only the question asker will receive the email because it was their question that got removed. Does this make any sense?

    • yes! thank you so much for your quick and logical answer.

      may I ask you another question? if the question gets removed, but several people have already answered that question, will they still get xper points for their opinion?

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    • oic thanks!

    • No problem! And thank you for MH :)


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  • If a post is removed, the user who posted the question/opinion/comment will be notified via private messaging.
    No one else is notified or given information regarding its removal.

  • sometimes


  • Cuz it was removed manually not via background management system, the progreamme can not detect this artificial operation then it can't trigger the procedure to send you a message. Or the admin choose not to notify you.

  • yes and apparently i am too brutally honest because mine always get deleted.


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