What the hell is this Clinique sonic system advertisement that pops up on the whole screen?

ah hell, first it was advertisements all over the sites background that makes it absolutely slow sometimes that I have to refresh the whole page. Now it is this Clinique advertisement that pops up from nowhere on the whole site and I don't see a damn button to remove it. it just comes and I have to refresh the page. what the hell? really.

are you having the same problem? why isn't there even a button to remove the crap or is it only me that do not see any button for removing it?



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  • Thanks for letting us know, and thanks for the screenshot @LastGirlScout.
    We're looking into it now. :)

    • This should now be fixed, please let us know if it isn't!

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    • I'm just sayin'

    • @WiiU89 uhum, okay.

  • I think it's Hydra up to their tricks again.


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  • It also covers the bar at the bottom when on mobile. I've got a few screenshot to send GaG as I've been complaining about the adverts recently too.

    • do you see a button to remove it or is it only like that?

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    • I only hope they see and fix this. also agreed, ads are taking ridiculously more space that the pages, that is true. every site has ads, but it doesn't need to be like this to be seen. bigger or smaller the amount of people who actually click and will see it will be the same.

    • You and the QA need Adblock Plus, it'll change your life