Was there a time on GAG that you tried more to be helpful and you got turned off and ceased to be helpful at that point? What was the story?

Dudes, Was there a time on GAG That you tried more to be helpful and you got turned off and ceased to be helpful at that point? How did it happen? was it something from the community or the questions? or something else that made you get turned off?

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  • If I see someone that genuinely needs help and I feel I can say something that I haven't seen others post, then I help.

    But really what puts me off is the questions are almost all the same and there's always some new member willing to give advice. So most of the time you'll either see me on funny topics or posting sarcastic answers to religious topics.


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  • -when they argue with your advice saying it wasn't what they meant in the first place, and then explain their question was in fact something completely different to what they originally posted.
    -when they complain/get rude/threaten reports or blocks because you aren't telling them what they want to hear.
    -when they ask for help but then are completely unreceptive to the advice you're giving.
    -posting the same question over and over again.
    -asking for help and then acting like they know it all - so why ask for advice?

  • Well, i stopped caring the moment i remembered this is the internet. Now i just tell EXACTLY what i think, and the only reason for any moderation i do to my language is because this site has language standards. Beside that, you get a clear and raw reply from me. Facts are played out hard and swift, and honestly i don't care how much the truth hurts.
    Because i believe a painfull truth is better in the long run than a sweet lie.

    Sometimes when it comes to the old troll topics i simply "Do it because you mean it, do it because you were told to, or do it for the lulz."
    Mostly the last one

    • Now you just tell EXACTLY what you like, But I just tell EXACTLY what I don't like.

    • Well, EXACTLY what i like as in whatever the heck i feel like telling at that moment. So that kinda also includes what i don't like about a person XD
      One of my more standard replies is that on "rate me" questions i rate em 10/10, on the narcism scale.

      But sometimes in a blue moon, i get the vibe that someone really needs help. More often than not i'm right. Even then it's a cold and calculated reply. It's kinda like gambling really; what's the chance of this plan working, and what's the possible outcomes and its probabilities of occuring...

  • Yes, happens all the time.

    When someone asks for an opinion, and I give my honest opinion and they get snotty and bitchy b/c my opinion doesn't match theirs completely.

    It has actually happened tonight, I got called an asshole because I got tired of her bullshit and stopped trying to answer honestly.

    • It's sad isn't it?

    • Very, but I couldn't care less. Means I can stop being empathetic that much quicker and just be my normal asshole self.

    • yah. I feel more sad for the GaG.

  • Every now and then I try to help and the asker would only want to listen. To sugar coated opinions/advises. I'm pretty blunt soo they don't like my harsh honest truth. Those people irritate me a bit.

  • Sometimes I do get pissed off my the ignorance, mostly on either circumcision-related topics or religion-based topics (or both at the same time._.) and then I start being a bit more hostile in my opinions because it feels like people aren't really worth coercing at times.

    Then I sleep once and the feeling goes away.

  • Yup. And it may get to the point to where I'm no longer interested in helping anyone. I helped someone here once that never listened or took any advice I gave her to try to help her, so I gave up. And in another instance I helped out someone else only to be shunned and ignored for the most part.

    • I have already gave up. this site is better be genuinely for trolling rather than helping.

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    • given up*

      yes, true.

    • Well, what's worse is when you're friends with some you try to help. And for reasons unknown, you get kicked to the curb as if it's nothing at all, whether it's here, or in RL.

  • i'm alwas joking here :P

    • didn't yet get bald and ugly? I have a relative who's a dermatologist tell me if you ever needed hair transplant :P

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    • have you got any reason that you want me to be bald ad ugly?

    • I don't :P

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  • Not really. I think I've always been on this site for the sole purpose of helping others. I sometimes go through phases though of answering more serious questions and giving more advice. Of course, it's very frustrating to be genuinely trying to help someone and they just shoot down everything you say. When something like that happens, I usually just leave and go to a different thread and try to help someone else.

  • When the answer gets more complex with each response and in the end you're just as confused as the asker... It sucks not knowing how to help but sometimes you have to just leave it alone. Hopefully someone else can help. 😕

    • *question not answer

    • complex? the answer to the questions here is the easiest shit. There are just butthurt people who don't want answers they want confirmation.

    • I wouldn't say all of them are easy. Yes some of them are pretty simple and just require common sense. Some question aren't as easy especially if the asker left out details in their description. I don't know I guess it's just me. I don't always know how to answer their questions.

  • Yes!!! I drop my advice which is helpful knowledge and out of the nowhere they go by saying "umm, I disagree..." so I'm just like okay screw you then I'm just trying to help.

  • I stopped taking this website seriously when girls starting asking questions like "help my boyfriend promised he wouldn't he me back even though I hit him"
    "He asked me on a date does that mean he likes me?
    And when guys starting asking questions like "women have it easier than men"
    "I only date blonde girls am I picky?"
    And when all members started posting racist ass questions

    • racist ass questions like what? gimmi an example dudette.