Anyone else thinks adding a "show results" button for polls would be beneficial?

It's so annoying when you want to know the results of a poll but you don't want to actually answer it...

  • Yes they should definitely add a "show results" button
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  • No it's fine the way it is
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  • Show results ^^
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  • No because then people won't answer the poll or will be influenced by the results before they answer it on their own.
    I'm one that when I ask a poll question I don't even give a "see results" option.
    You either want to answer it or you don't. And even if the person isn't too into the question they will still vote for the option they agree most with so I don't see the points of "see results"

    However giving an extra opinion (typed in) on poll questions is pointless.

    • What about questions like "Do you girls got this problem during your period" I'm a guy so I can't answer that I am however interested in how it is being a girl so I want to see the answers, what do I do?

    • Well you can pick any of them because if it's a question directed towards women then I would just ignore the blue bars and focus only on pink bars.

    • Fair enough

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  • Yeah, I agree with you. I think having a "show results" option is way more beneficial and it doesn't mess up the results of the poll.

  • For questions only addressing a particular group of people ie. males, females, certain age groups, certain experiences, definitely, but no if it is a general question that the asker wants all people to answer.

  • Yes, I think that would be beneficiall. Chose "A".

  • No thats the point of a poll to give an opinion

    • Well there are some questions that you can't answer and you still want to see the results, so I think in some instances it would be good to have a show results button...

  • i agree with most anwers people won't really choose and option lol

    • True bu there are some questions that you simply can't answer, but you still want to see the results..

    • meh then choose randomly :P thats what ido lol

    • Yeah me too but it kinda messes up with the results...

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