If GAG was a school and gagers were teacher?

If GAG was a school and gagers were teachers, what subject would they teach? :)

History @kangy - she would be awesome telling interesting stories about ancient Chinese history and show all fun videos about the history that class wouldn't be boring :)

Math @cavmanier - he would be the hottest teacher in the school, that's all i'm going to say lol :P ( math teacher has to be the hottest one) and he is actually good at math so

Art and Material culture @DodgersGM - he would make the class so much fuuuuun and give good grade to everyone and with his voice all girls in class would be

Chemistry @harakiri -she would show all the cool experiments during class, the coolest teacher ever but i have a feelig that she wouldn't an easy marker

Health ed @BelleGirl21 -she would teach taekwon do lol and teach girls how to eat healthy and stuff and would be the favourite teacher of the year

Sorry for the long post i'm just really bored and sleepy lol


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  • @BelleGirl21 to teach girls how to eat healthy? Ha! I guess I really do know you better than anyone 😝

    • Sssshhh. Wait, which one of us is possibly going to be drunk tonight? 😮 plus muffins have eggs and chocolate has antioxidants!

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    • As if you'd complain lol.

    • Lol she would teach all the health related stuffs during class and give out cookies to students lol @BelleGirl21

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  • Wouldn't you be a teacher Mei? Fashionista? yes? I think so..
    Um ok I hated history, back in school the teacher was nice (Mr Fletcher) pretty boring class didn't enjoy it as much.. Sorry @kangy
    Um I suck at maths.. I'm a ok in some areas but I don't need to be a mathematician so no I'll have to past maths class.. Sorry @cavmanier
    Chem huh yeah along with the previous two, Chem is not my thing either, although experimenting is fun.. still a no sorry @harakiri
    Health ed I'm good in this area so I don't think I need to learn in this area.. Sorry babe! @BelleGirl21
    So the class I would be joining in would be Art and material culture.. Yerp that's me 👍😁👍 @DodgersGM

    • Not good at teachingggg lol haha I would just be a nerdy Asian student :P
      And you would be the coolest girl in the school yay!

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    • You better not disappoint me!! 😁😉 @BelleGirl21 hehe

    • Thanks for MH meimei 😁 hehe

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  • @CommieDearest for catfishing detection class lol

    • Lol haha awesome

    • Class name would be like "detective skills: research and investigation"

    • It would be pretty easy. I could teach people how to do it in like a thirty minute crash course and then just... collect my paycheck.

      Sounds good to me.

  • I don't pay attention to names but... there were these 2 virgins G@G'ers and the girl was showing the boy about her clitoris and he could now get her to climax... as! She was having trouble getting him to squirt.

    Goddamn... can you get any better studies than that? Even if you were studying how to build a bridge to the moon it could not compare.

    Jesus, I'd go to the virgins school day and nighty I could study like that.

  • If GaG was a school I would get expelled.

    • Naaaah you would be one of the coolest students :)

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    • Ohhhh, it's on! I love a good fight!

    • @BelleGirl21 Bringgg it!

  • Haha, I teach meteorolory and navigation to pilots... not really what you need in the average school but I think I could teach French or English as well.
    What could you teach us Mei?

    • I wanna be a straight A student lol Meteorology and navigation sound greaaaaat!

    • Haha welcome in my class Mei - it would be a pleasure!
      At the flight school my meteo course is in May/June by the way.

  • i will be a music teacher on the 80s section. i'm an 80s music expert XD XD XD

  • Haha you are sweet Mei. :-)

    I would totally teach at that school. I would teach arts and literature; it would be awesome! I would totally give out good grades too, you were so right on that one! LOL How did you know? :-)

    • Because you are sweeeeeet :P I would take your class!!! :D

    • Thank you Mei, you are sweet too. :-) You could be like the GaG school principal, everyone would love working for you. :-)

  • Man, I would be a bomb ass teacher.

  • can i teach a class called "How to pick up gurls"?

    • Lol you can teach after school class Key lol hahaha:)

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    • Lol aww tankyu mei. I know I can believe in u :*

    • 10yrs later and korean cutie kum back to give meh a LUV rose.. 🌹👄

  • A professor of history or literature most likely or a physical fitness teacher.

  • What can I teach?

  • Id probably be a janitor.

  • How do i get admission in this school


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