Do you think GAG is more concerned about the user being nice to each other, than actually helping each other?

Or the mods, at least...

I shared an opinion on a guy's question in which I told him the truth. I wasn't being all nice and "ooooh, poor baby, everything's gonna be alright..." But I told him that he needs to stop being a complaining loser and get his ass moving.

That guy... has posted several similar questions, basically moping around drowning in self pity and contempt for women. I know that reasoning is not going to go through him. I felt like someone needs to slap him, shake him up a bit, and tell him what to do instead of "oooh, I'm sorry you feel like that, don't worry, you'll find someone..." Because that's not going to do him any good. He'll just keep complaining.

But a mod removed that opinion. Guess the mods aren't fans of tough love, huh? hahaha... Is this an advice site or a friendship site?

What do you think GAGers? Would you rather have someone "ooh" and "aaah" you, even when you're completely going down the wrong way, or would you rather someone slap you and tell you the truth? On GAG I mean.

I gave advice to the guy... I told him to go to therapy because I think he has serious issues. I might not have used gentle words, but I put some thought and time into writing that long opinion. So am I butthurt that my opinion has been removed by a mod? You bet I am! Yet the guy's openly misogynistic questions are still online. And if I was attacking one guy with my opinion, he's attacking all women with his misogynistic posts!
@GirlsAskGuys: you know that people like the user I've just reported are ruining the GAG experience for many of us, don't you? What are you going to do about it? Do you tolarate misogynistic posts, that openly antagonizes an entire gender? An actual answer would be nice, instead of you removing this question, which would only prove my opinion of you guys. I know I'm criticising you guys here, but I just think that if you remove my post as "antagonistic", then what about those misogynists?


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  • Truth always! It's usually the trolls who get all butt hurt

    • tell that to one of the mods...

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  • Well I personally try not to go overboard, but sometimes I do. I think they care more about the site's reputation than about "general niceness" by the way, it just doesn't look good if you have people calling each other `dickasses` or the like in a general conversation, after all. We're just sharing opinions, no one's right and everybody is wrong! :D

    • I know they care about reputation. But my question is: if they care about reputation, why let all the hateful posts towards a certain gender online? Instead of removing all the opinions in which people call each other "dickasses", wouldn't it be better to remove the root of the problem, which are users who only show strong hate, repetitively, on THE ENTIRE GENDER? Because if there were no misogynistic posts, I bet you, there would be less "antagonistic" opinions directed towards the misogynistic posters. And GAG would be a friendlier place for everyone to enjoy.

    • Probably because they need more mods to remove those as well. I've seen misogynistic posts get removed before.

  • Personally I only remove things that cross the line. There is a difference between honesty and being rude.

    • And where's the line?

      In my case, I know that guy isn't going to listen to reason, as was proven by his bitter comments on other opinions. So instead of wasting my time, I decided to "shake him up", with the hopes that maybe he'll realise that it's not how the world works. The guy thinks in extremes. I told him that. I did use strong words, because he is probably so dense and wouldn't listen to less than strong words.

    • Besides, what part of misogynistic posts doesn't cross the line of antagonizing? If they express strong hate and contempt for women, what makes it OK to leave it on the site?

    • It definitely isn't improving the site... go ahead and ask other people's opinions on it.

  • if you follow me around the site, you'll find out real quick that i dont sugarcoat things to protect peoples feelings.

    i just say whatever comes to mind "good or bad" so yea i agree with people trying to be nice over helping them

  • I'm not a fan of sugar coating. What you need is to find middle ground. Be blunt but refrain from name calling and just all out rudeness. Blunt hardly ever gets removed, "You fucking loser", will.
    GAG is a little to lovey dovey in a lot of regards. Just my opinion.

    • Damn I should have copied the damn opinion... It wasn't that harsh, but it was quite harsh.

    • lol I know, right? GAG is acting like everyone on here gets along, when in fact, this place is littered with misogynistic trash and dumb people.

  • If you don't wanna get with him then stop being anonymous nd let him see what you asked!

    nd basically its more a friendship site but it certainly helps a lot too

  • Yes definitely, but that's everywhere in society. That's why I like reading @BuchitaBuchys responses, she's blunt like I am :)

  • Yea I got antagonistic warnings on 2 opinions I was just being honest (btw 2 opinions on the same question)... now I have this threat thing if it happens again I'm getting banned :(


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  • Mods suck half the time. They remove stuff that doesn't need to be removed. I'm not saying all mods are like this, but some are.

  • More than likely he reported you and that's why they took it down... Pleanty of things that people say and post still stand.

    • Sorry pleanty of or inappropriate things

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    • I totally agree... I just had that discussion yesterday when a guy asked a question about what race has the best vaginas. I was like are you kidding me? And they've still failed to remove it, but at the same time I rather it remain there he looks ignorent and I and a lot of other girls took a stand so with all honesty I rather it reamain there and be reminded.

    • *sigh* oh humanity is doomed. I guess we could live without men after all ;)

  • I had people remove my question out of jealousy and others for being too conservative in my views about sex. I was FURIOUS. I left the site for 2 months out of anger.

    • what brought you back?
      If I'm lucky, this question will be removed too. All kinds of criticism aimed towards the team are likely to be removed.

    • I was bored and couldn't find any other question and answer websites. I know they have yahoo answers but you can't ask private questions that site without getting banned and people are usually point gamers who aren't interested in giving you a well thought out response.

  • I feel ya, girl. I once reported a guy who was harassing my inbox, and get this: had a VAGINA as a profile picture. It took them more than a day to finally ban him even though I had other people report him. Users like that are the harmful ones, but also the ones that never get punished.