Is there any way to erase a account on here?

is there any way to erase a account on here... tired of being called names and being put down


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  • You can close your account by clicking on your icon (top right) go to "my settings" then on the bottom "cancel my account"


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  • If someone is insulting or harassing you, please report that post so we can take care of it.
    Report it by clicking the gray flag that appears in the top right corner of the post when you hover your mouse over it.
    You can also block anonymous opinions from your questions (as you're posting them), and you can Block users who are not anonymous.

    If you still want to cancel your account, the info can be found in our FAQ.

    Sign into GirlsAskGuys and click Settings from your account drop down menu (top right).
    Under Cancel your account, select a reason from the drop down menu and add details to tell us why you cancel.
    Then click Cancel Account.
    Your account will then be cancelled but your posts will remain visible.


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  • You can just cancel your account. Why are people being so mean to you?

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    • he's a lot older than me and we been together 11 months the longer were together the less makeup i seem to be wearing

    • Seems like you're getting comfortable with him then. If you're happy with him and he is happy with you then that is all that matters.

  • You can ask for a name change

  • You can cancel your account, but you can't erase it. If people are really bothering you block or report them.