If you had an opinion removed, will you always get a message about it?

If you had an opinion removed should you always receive a message explaining why? (I think you deserve an explanation)

Can you appeal?

What would you consider antagonistic or offensive?

I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, so long as they aren't outright abusive, threatening or obscene... freedom of speech yo!


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  • I once suggested this dude stop acting like a child having yet to be weaned of his mothers teats... I felt I had good reason to suggest this..

    I think if you're (people in general) gonna post shit you know the answer to or word whatever your asking an opinion to in trollish way then it shouldn't matter if opinions come flying in antagonistic/offensive way..

    • or if you tread the grey area quite well and are smart about it, but it would be reasonable to conclude that you're perverted or at least creepy. if someone says this to you, you may be offended but the opinion on the other end isn't without good reason!


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  • Well people say fuck, pussy, cock, cum p*rn so it would have to be pretty bad to be taken off and you are right freedom of speech everyone has the right to their opinion

  • Each time an opinion is removed, you should get a message why it was taken out.

    This is the GAG policy (per FAQs):
    GirlsAskGuys reserves the right to edit content to ensure quality and to remove content that is inappropriate or abusive. We will remove content that breaks the law, is indecent or obscene, which defames anyone based on race, religion, disability, etc, or which is otherwise viewed as offensive by contemporary community standards.

    If you would like further details, please copy/paste the content of that message into a new message through Contact (http://www.girlsaskguys.com/contact), and we will provide you with specific information regarding the decision to remove the post.

    • could a message be delayed?

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    • If you can tell me what opinion it is, maybe I can give you my thoughts on it. You could wait for 48 hours and if you don't get the message, then I suggest you contact the admin.

      You can read through the posting guidelines in the FAQs. http://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq

    • i'm gonna take the time to try and remember exactly what was said, it was harsh but i think i had cause.. i've seen the person around and my view is that their comments are borderline sometimes, in that i'd feel like a creep if i said those things. i was confrontational and the person defended themselves, i just said i din't buy it and left it at that. i'll take the time to read the FAQs carefully. if i think it's worth it, i'll have a look for the question from which my opinion was removed.

  • yes they would send ua message
    not sure whether can be appealed


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  • Our FAQ is full of information like this. http://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq#93

    Antagonistic – While we encourage lively debate, posts that bait or antagonize are removed. Sometimes it’s just a matter of rephrasing it so that it doesn't have a hostile tone.
    For example, “I hate all ______, don’t you agree?” and "You're an idiot!" will be removed.

    Offensive – If your post contains content that is blatantly insulting, degrading, distasteful, or irrelevant, it will be removed. Healthy debates are encouraged, but blatant racism, sexism, and attacks are not.

    You do not receive a message when an opinion/comment is hidden by someone on the mod team. You do if it's removed by the admin team. You can ask us why it was removed by contacting us (NOT posting about it) and we're happy to give further explanation in special cases.

    • Speculating on motivation followed by personal opinion "I think" is neither antagonistic or offensive in my opinion. Meh, I would say I agree one shouldn't use a hostile tone so I'll adjust that next time, but there won't be a next time. It's not my job to keep an eye on creeps.

  • I had an opinion removed/hidden once that had no earthly reason that I could see for being removed, and there was no message (as admin stated her, you will not get a message). I contacted GAG including the URL for the question it was attached to, and got a message back that the person answering me saw nothing wrong with my opinion and it was back up. I am guessing that if I had violated some rule that after spending the time to look at it the admin contacting me would point out what was wrong.

  • I would consider it offensive or antagonistic if it goes beyond the limit of "honest opinion" and is meant to hurt either the individual or an entire group of people.
    Than I would hide it, for a supermod/ubermod to look at it and decide.

    • how long would it take you to decide?

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    • Technically once something is hidden or flagged, by any kind of Mod, it goes to the Admins to decide whether it should be removed. Different Mods don't take action on other Mods' reports.

    • Thanks for that update @TheoryOfAvarice... I thought it depended on the fact if it was an opinion, comment, question or user that needed action. Good to know now how exactly it works :-)

  • yeah unless the question you responded was delted