Why do people remove stuff?

Okay so I've had several of my things removed for some reason or another. I realize that this will also probably be removed because everyone hates when someone calls them on their bullshit. Either way, I asked a question earlier about sex and someone had it removed because it was "adult content". People, by having persons 18 and under's questions about sex removed, you're not allowing us to get answers to questions that can affect us. Which can really mess up what happens if we don't know any better. So why do people taddle on us because they think we're too young?


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  • I see questions (and opinions) by "under 18" all the time and they stay up without being removed. Some of them are explicit enough to make me wonder where the line is drawn. So, although I have not seen what you posted, I have to believe that you overstepped some boundaries. Sometimes I wonder if GAG overlooks explicit content if the person is just barely under 18. Maybe your specific age fits in. But I know that many "under 18" conversations about sex remain up so I know GAG supports knowledge for under 18 when not too explicit.


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  • Under 18s aren't allowed to ask "how to" sex questions. That's one of the few properly defined and consistently enforced rules on the site. Nobody here bitches about the rules more than I do. (i'm sure @GirlsAskGuys would confirm this) but you don't have any reason to complain. Just look up the info you want elsewhere on the nets.

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    • Message me the substance of your removed question. I will try to answer it.

    • I read if through the first time and it pissed me off because it contradicts itself.

  • Users under 18 are not permitted to ask sexual questions that would not be covered in a sex Ed class.


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  • It's against the rules for under 18 users to post sexually explicit content. The administrators of the site have implemented certain rules that users are expected to adhere to. Anything that violates the guidelines of the site will get taken down. You can view the guidelines here: http://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/posts (look under the very bottom tab that says "what are the posting guidelines?")

  • You do realise that by having a minor exposed to "adult content" on a website poses the risk of having the site sued or shut down? If it happens too often, an enquiry can be made by the country hosting the website. No one actually cares what content you are exposed to, but it is expected that if you want to ask/answer questions like that then create another account with a different email address where you select to say that you are over 18.

  • It's against the rules of the site for someone under 18 to ask sexual questions. I do think it is unfair and I understand your pain. You guys are curious and should be encouraged to ask sex related question so you don't have unprotected sex and end up with HIV.
    Your question, I do no think, violates the rules of the site.