What do you like most about GAG? & What you dislike about it?

What i Like most is that I can Ask my Personal Questions to the World & What i dislike is that GAG Blocked mt id 2 times :( What is your like/ dislike?


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  • I love how you can make yourself anonymous so if ur gonna be brutally honest to someone they don't know who you are so your reputation isn't totally busted. I dislike how you can see how many people up voted or down voted someones comment because some people won't vote based on what they believe they will vote based on what everyone else voted.


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  • I really like making new friends on here, that's pretty sweet. And the XPer system is pretty fun and addictive, I like leveling up n' shit. Getting messaged by sleazy guys trying to get a nutbust is starting to become really annoying, though. There's gotta be better sites for them than this, goddayum.

  • I most like how some people have helpled me to gain better insight into certain situations or issues. Its been really beneficial, cos i can see some things from a different perspective

    What i dislike is how some people are very rude and disrespectful towards other users, and undermine their comments, or as an individual


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