Do you have a problem with the Less Than key on this website?

This website specifically. Something me and @DooMguy are having issues with. For me, it just cuts my post, deleting all the text entered after the less than key. For him it does sth... inexplicable, lmao. Anyone else having these kinds of issues?

Try and post one & post results?


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  • Alright, lets do it

    < I'm going to use the < key now and see what happens, it'll probably go crazy like before but if it doesn't I'll be surprised.

    < another test

    <and another

    < sometimes I try to test the key with spaces, with and without to see if it has any effect.

    < On the last question I tried to do this but things went wrong, I hope the admins will fix this random bug. . . . if not we're guna have a bad time.

    < I'm surprised none of my posts were removed because it really did look like nonsense even though it wasn't my fault, if it doesn't work on this question that would be extremely ironic. . . well here goes nothing, fingers crossed

    Everything below this GIF should be ok, by the power of DooM repent your sins keyboard ! Repent ! I banish you demon spirit to the darkest pits of hell

    < and that's a wrap, no seriously, if it doesn't work I'll feel like GAG just trolled me

    • LMAO. ugh!!! Some of us have a problem it seems :/ Maybe its a browser thing. What browser do you use?

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    • oh. . . nothing much, just trying to start up a little GAG terrorist organisation. I already recruited mistninja, ferretman is next

      I was going to ask your permission and everything since you and me are the founders but you weren't around. . .

      When we get enough members we can launch attack protocol 23

    • lmao. Ah, I see. Very good, continue :P

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