How can I add multiple categories to my question?

Since GAG got updated a year ago, I only get to choose one category for my question. But I see that some questions have more than one category mentioned. How is this possible?


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  • That feature has been removed, now it's just one category per question.


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  • You can only submit your question in one topic.
    When you see questions with two topics, it means the QA incorrectly chose a topic that wasn't Sexuality related and our system automatically put it into Sexual Behavior as well.
    When you see these questions QA and @Klaatu51, please Report them with reason "No Sexuality Topic" so that we can correct the topic. It'll only show one topic after that.



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  • I think it happens when admins change it.

    for example idf you post sth in "Sexual's behavior" and admins consinder that it fits more into "Other" then both will appear

    • Now that sucks, because sometimes more then one category becomes necessary to properly categorize the question.

    • You're right, it happens when we change the categories.

  • Well it depends on what you write on the description. For example, your category was "GirlsAskGuys", and you put some things in the description like "fuck" or other sexual words, then it would add the "Sexual Behavior" category. That's all I know so far, from experience. :\