What's being done about the Misandry on this website?

Just like Misogyny, Misandry (hate against men) is quite prevalent on this website, albeit badly managed by the Mods who only seem concerned about hate against women.

I've seen 3 women on GaG who have expressed rather man-hating questions and answers... of course I cannot name them other I'll be deemed antagonistic.

Why is Man hate undermined in comparison to woman-hating?

Something has to be done about them - something has to be done about the increase of Misandry.



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  • Absolutely nothing is being done about man-hating. That's one of the reasons why I haven't been on here for the past year.

    Honestly I hate the entire idea of mods. People should just be able to say what they want. Society and people get so butthurt over the tiniest of things these days. You call someone out on their bullshit and all of a sudden you become a bully.

    The main thing people forget: You don't dictate the manner in which people respond to your questions! If you can't handle that, maybe you shouldn't be on the Internet. Stay home and cry into your pillow like the little wuss you are...


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  • no nothing should be done about it, gag's community has the freedom to express how they feel, while i respect you're opinion you need to understand that everyone has their own opinion and some have experience to back their distaste in guys, some guys also have the same sentiments, if you want to try to change this then express your opinions to help convince people, you are free to do so

    if you feel these people violate the conditions of gag you're free to flag them, but pls do not abuse it.

    • I'm going to call bullshit unless you also think misogynists should be able to call women retarded and tell them to go kill themselves with no repercussion, because that's the kind of misandry I have been seeing go unpunished, whereas most of this "misogyny" is actually just men venting their frustrations..

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    • I'm going to tell you like it is. I am not happy with the job moderators have done on this site. Some of the most hateful users on this site have been using the same accounts for years and flaming other users on a daily basis, yet people outside that clique of man-haters can't even post an opinion about anything without getting censored. Do not be surprised when I put my Jew skills to good use and expose the biased moderators and paid shills on this site.

    • i can't speak for other mods, and i'm not going to bother defending myself since it'll just end badly, i'm just expressing what i believe you can do as a member of gag, that's all.

  • sorry you feel hostility. Women tho, we get frustrated with men and men with women, there are some pretty hateful comments/questions about women out here too. I think it more venting than true hatred...


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  • I'm having sex with all of the misandrists to reinstill their love in men.

  • If a post violates the guidelines, report it and if it is considered to be violating it, it'll be removed.

  • I haven't seen a terrible amount of it, myself, and I generally keep my eye out.

    But misandry as a whole is mostly unrecognized. For instance, Firefox keeps detecting misandry as a non-existent word.

    Though for me, I'm more interested in the double standards. There are some things that we call misandry because it fits a definition used for misogyny, however it may not have been misogyny in the first place.

  • I noticed the same thing. One day I took the time to report posts by several users that included such insults as calling people retards, and even telling them to kill themselves. None of those posts were removed, and I got a message from a GaG administrator telling me to stop harassing the site's members when all I did was report posts that were clearly against the site's rules. I'm beginning to think this bias in the site's moderation is so bad that the only way we will ever change things is for several of us male users to start heavily documenting these offensive posts from those users, our reporting of it, and the results, then post that elsewhere in order to expose this scandal.

  • If something offends you, report it.

    I've noticed the odd offensive comment from some women occasionally but in my opinion, the level of misogyny is FAR FAR higher than the level of misandry.

  • It's the same thing with racism against anybody but whites, previously oppressed classes can say what they like, white men have to keep their mouth shut.

  • i haven't seen this. only misogyny. many bitter woman haters on this site. i worry

    • There is both, trust me

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    • you can be feminist or misogynist. no other choice

    • Ignorance is bliss anon... ignorance is bliss.