Why is gag removing opinions just because it hurt ONE person?

So recently I had an opinion removed for the stupidest of reasons, one person reported it because the said person got offended. Does this site and the moderators or admins whatever know that you can't please everyone in every question. One person gets butthurt and reports and you guys remove the opinion. This has happened a few times before but the last time I had it. Either know how to run a site or at least remove when more than 4 people report. God this site sucks


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  • People here have fragile feelings.. I call it censorship like what KIm Jong Un did to Sony.

    • This here is MHO

    • Thanks.. I feel like the admins doesn't have a protocol to follow, they just remove what they don't like.

    • This is not a MH, But well said, But a lot of GAGers Opinions better than this.


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  • If the comment is offensive or antagonizing, it gets removed. Sometimes you need to word your opinions in a more appropriate way.
    I rarely remove shit. But when I do, I remove blatant racism, hatred or spam.
    What did you say to her/him?

    • "you don't look good" when the person asked whether she looked good or not. Basically I only answered her question. nothing addrd

    • I fail to see why they removed it then.

  • I am shocked to hear that less than 4 people are not supposed to have a brain or feelings according to you. I am sure everyone understands when it affects them. There is nothing arbitrary about post removal. Please check out the FAQs. (http://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq)

    • Well can you please everyone? I guess not.
      And thanks, I'll check it out

  • They can report it because you didn't go into depths. Short answers like are meaningless to the questioner who wants a constructive answer

  • What kinda of remark did u put?
    Some went on anon and started attacking others.

    • Someone asked whether they looked good and I said they didn't

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    • -_-""
      that comment is common and uncommon
      common - there are bound to have people who dont find us attractive and on Gag, i did see people who are that honest some are even blunt or rude.
      Uncommon- Many people here like to rate someone who isn't attractive on higher scale

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  • Wow! Why ask if you are just going to get mad when someone tells you their opinion O_o


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  • Maybe you're antagonistic or offensive

  • if i started reporting posts. I'd get reported for reporting posts.

  • A rule of customer service is that for every one complaint received about something, tens or hundreds might be effected but not bothering to report the issue.

    A report from "ONE person" should be enough should be enough for a moderator or similar to review something and confirm if it is offensive or otherwise outside of what is permitted, and if they deem it to break the rules they probably have to remove it (they might possibly have some discretion, who knows). Hell they might even stumble across the opinion and notice the issue/s with it and be compelled to act without any reports.