Isn't GAG a wonderful place to be?

Apparently, on g@g, there's a SOCIAL CLUB WITH NO YOUNG PEOPLE, in which people get told "standard/higher knowledge". However, everyone seems to be in this club, only I am excluded. And why do women never like me? FUCK YOU ALL I HAVE NO FRIENDS without "STANDARD KNOWLEDGE".

Those phrases sound familiar to you, boys and girls?
Ah... what would GAG be without users like them, huh? A place with no spammers posting the same brilliant questions again and again? Yes you'rrrre right! I often question myself why the admins never did anything to "reward" these brilliant geniuses for what they do on our beloved site. Now I know. Without them, GAG would be a more intelligent place to be, and where's the fun in that? We need these people with their own little worlds and twisted morals and values to moderate us!

Standard knowledge guy for moderator!
No young people in social clubs guy for moderator!
No woman likes me ever guy for moderator!

Who's with me, chicos y chicas?


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  • I used to love gag, but not anymore. Just grew out of it I guess.

    • What? No way! The presence of these users makes GAG awesome, don't you think?

    • Yes, but I think gag is unhealthy, at least in my case.

      I think all this time, I've been socially frustrated and I've been using gag as a way to interact with other people. Recently I got a job and I've never made so many friends so fast. So after finally interacting with people in real life, gag is boring to me. Now I'm just 450 points away from my last Amazon gift card.

      Ps: I say it's unhealthy because with all the time I've wasted on here, I could've done something productive. But other than that, I have learned a lot being on here. And met some cool people :)

    • I've never seen internet interaction as real interaction, maybe that's why I think differently than you. Besides, if I'm not on GAG, other things I do on the internet are as equally unproductive lol I'd usually watch YouTube or do a series marathon instead of working on my paper. So... yeah lol ;)


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  • Yea, let's all just be happy and
    dance the happy dance. ^.~

  • Haha, brace for impact.

    Very high chance this question is gonna get deleted cause you're calling out GAG admins XD

  • I love those people, they make this place interesting.❤

    Standard knowledge guy for moderator!

    Social Club guy as events coordinator. He can organize a gag meet up :)

    No woman likes me guy should be the new relationship expert ;)

    • Yeah then we'd finally learn what that standard knowledge it was that everyone has been given to.
      And the meet up should not involve older people.

      And Bandit should be the bandit =)

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    • Makes sense ;p

      And I'll live up to my name and be the devil. We'd be partners in crime, and we'll rob all the other GAGers of their standard knowledges. Then we could sell those and we'd be filthy rich MUAHAHAHA

    • Sounds like a plan :)

  • I think I just fell in love with you just because of this question ;)

  • I like yout way of thinking...

  • who defines intelligent posting?

    • aaaand... you're back. With a new username. Good! Welcome back!

      Intelligent people define intelligent posting. Good night, sleep tight.

What Girls Said 2

  • No woman likes me ever guy for moderator>is there any mod that behave in this way?
    If there is best that he doesn't be a mod his removal of topics would be biased...

    • but aren't we all biased?

    • Yes we are but we still need mod to manage the site. Just that they need to find gd ones. It seem like there isn't a selection process.

  • I'm with you! Well said (y) I couldn't have said more :)