Am I the only one who think this?

Am I the only one who think this site turned into a crap? I had an account 5 years ago and it was pretty awesome site, with cool questions, oppinions etc. Then I deleted it because I thought I didn't need this anymore (stupid me) and now I opened another account and all I can see here is that the questions are all the same, some are to be honest dumb.. There's no point in writing takes because no one read that. Because if they do, they would not ask same questions again and again.. I don't say it's all bullshit, I can find some interesting questions and takes (helpful also), that's why I'm still here, but I just don't seem to understand some people here. Why do they ask questions they can find on someone elses profile here or they can get what they want in takes? Just type that in the search box and you'll find exactly what you need or at least something similar.. I also don't get questions like these ' Am I ugly?', 'please rate me', 'Does he like me?'.. I mean I don't get the point of asking them because you'll do what you think it's good for you at the end, no matter what we say and no one on this planet is ugly, no one! You should have more faith in yourself and believe that you're pretty in your own way :)


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  • I think I agree with you and I've only been here three weeks. It's also bullshit when you bust your hump answering genuine questions and it takes a considerable multi-day or multi-week effort to get even 1000 Xper points, yet "gurus" get over a 1000 Xper points in a day. Then you have people who ask the stupidist questions just to get Xper points by asking questions like "What animal wears a cowbell?". No one should get Xper points for asking questions.


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  • no iv knowtised some questions were all the same