Does everyone get a qualification letter to become a mod?

I got an email from GAG telling me that I'm qualified to become a moderator.-.

Did you get a letter too?

Does everyone get a letter?

Am I not special? lol


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  • You're talking about the emails, and not the private messages on GAG, right?

    • Just emails :-)

    • Okay, those are not formal Mod invites.
      If we invite you to join our Mod Team, you'll receive an on-site message that'll direct you to respond by messaging me :-)

    • Thanks for MH!


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  • Damn, I never check my email for this site. I wonder if I've received anything 😮

  • It means that GaG has acknowledged your
    dedication and how you answer/handle certain situations.

    Whether you accept, is entirely up to you. ^.^

    • If I do, how to I confirm that I want to be a mod? Do I have to reach another Xper level...

    • You follow the instructions in the message
      you were sent. You'll have to contact the user
      Sparrow24 If I remember correctly.

  • I did get one of those emails like a year ago, but no I don't think everyone gets one.

  • Not me. You should go for it, girl

  • If you think working for free is a godo thing, they chose right.

  • You are a special and unique snowflake, don't let anyone tell you different!


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  • No, not everyone gets notified of it. It's only for the users who the admins feel would make good moderators. There have been instances in the past though in which the admins posted a question and asked the community to vote on who they wanted to be a moderator. Myself and @WhiteSteve became mods that way. But that has only happened three times, that I know of. Typically, the admins just send letters to users who they feel meet the qualifications :)

    • What does the "u" next to your name mean? And the "s" next to @Aizou

    • @psychedelic_paprika

      (m) Moderators: can hide opinions and comments
      (s) Super moderators: can hide questions, question updates, takes, opinions, comments, and correct question topics.
      (u) Uber moderators: can do everything a super mod can do plus we are also able to temporarily freeze member accounts in the cases of consistent infringement of the site guidelines.

  • Everyone doesn't get a moderator, and to frank some of the moderators on here are picked to maintain the sites image and not to maintain a fair public forum.

  • Yeah. I got one. I think its because none of my shit has been reported.

    • I've been reported once. but still got it because i reached "6 Xper"

    • I reached exper 6 without any reports. Surprisingly.

    • Awh I'm one point away from xper 7 and I never got an email from them :(

  • From what I've seen, it's best to be
    ON GAG a lot & frequently
    Be nice to everyone, even the ANON trolls
    Have some taste & etiquette to take the GAG social environment reins
    Create a lot of readers via Qs & As, have a great following = ad $$$$ for GAG
    Never critique GAG, in fact seen Mods do their duty as GAG 1st line of pawns defense of critcs
    "For free" says it all to me