Why is this site so shady?

Most people act like high school douche bags or people who know everything about dating. >.> What gets me the most is when some girls act like they know everything about other girls and talk for them.


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  • lol. Tbh I think there's a lot of speculation rather than drawing from the well of experience on this site. I wouldn't take any of it seriously, take everything you read here with a pinch of salt! I get a regular whiff of bullshit as I click around. Remember also there are a fair amount of questioners who only accept what they want to hear, there are also a fair amount of assholes who say they "tell it like it is" as if that's some sort of disclaimer for being an asshole. There are however, some good people here who offer good advice which comes from the benefit of experience. To summarize; it's a smorgasbord! lol


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  • A lot of people will be extremely opinionated and willing to stand by their views.
    The beauty of thumbs up and thumbs down.
    You don't always have to agree with a user

  • For one so young as yourself (if indeed your profile age is correct) you come across as being very highly experienced in all aspects of life, and extremely judgmental with it.

    I wonder if you would therefore be good enough to share all of this vast experience you somehow seemed to have gained, and the secret for having got it so young in age.

    Am sure I speak for others here in saying that we would all be immensely interested to read what you have to say.

    Thank You

  • There are a few like that. There are also a lot of interesting and fun people if you look for them.