Who LOVES the new GAG filter - by age - that has been long requested?

... and how do you find it useful?

Now... would you also vote for an ANON filter to either be attracted to these Qs or avoid them?

  • Love the AGE filter + now desire an ANON filter
    29% (2)0% (0)17% (2)Vote
  • AGE filter = who cares?
    43% (3)40% (2)42% (5)Vote
  • Love the AGE filter + no desire for an ANON filter
    0% (0)60% (3)25% (3)Vote
  • AGE filter = who cares? but would love an ANON filter
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • my IQ is so low, I have no opinion or cares on this subject
    28% (2)0% (0)16% (2)Vote
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  • Hahaha Surprised you never got more comments on this one. By the way I like it.


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