What the hell is up with all the gender war questions here on GAG?

I noticed how there are recently two or three poll questions involving men and women trying to belittle each other for their differences and their own disadvantages and prove which one does better than the other at which or which one is just simply overall better than the other.

I think all of the so-called "men" and "women" who are too busy wasting their precious time trying to knock each other's gender's for their differences and weaknesses are a bunch of pathetic trolls with superiority issues trying to prove something by turning this into a competition of the sexes.

At the same time, it's kind of amusing/funny to read because of the amount of pathetic men and women with such childish arguments. Sometimes, it's so pathetic that I can't believe that I've wasted 20-35 precious minutes of my life, lol.

Is this website really starting to become gender-unfriendly?


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  • Honestly those are better than the racial questions which try to provoke people... just ignore it though unfortunately and open place to discuss stuff means that their is going to a be troll element, the alternative would be a site where people can't ask stuff because they worry they'd be banned for it

    • While both racism and sexism are cruel and horrible and that racism tends to be far more violent than sexism, the problem with sexism is that it tends to create more tensions between the opposite genders of your own family members, which I thank god everyday that there's no such gender hate in my family nor will there ever be.

    • Just accept the things you cannot change,
      Fight when you can change things for teh better,
      And try to know the difference.

    • Pretty much. There's nothing much I can do about bigotry around the world but to enjoy my life and loving family and friends while I can.


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  • There are many silly questions on here about gender issues, racist issues, penis issues, boob issues, should i shave or not issues, should I lose my virginity at the age of 14 issues, etc. I just don't read them. Others want to, good for them.

    There are also many other good and thoughtful issues. i try to focus on this...

    FINALLY, the issues I think are silly, some think are important. So good for them. They don't have to read things I like.

  • They have always been here. It used to have a massive feud a while back but now it has quieted down the old constant members are calmer about the debates, simply because they know it gets them nowhere to argue. Now it is mainly new members who fuck up everyone else's day.

  • A number of MRA (men's rights activists) and a few feminists.

  • don't know, I usually give a trollish answer and move on. Debates on here are pointless, women are awesome and so are men. Naturally we're different with different strengths and weaknesses, we should be treated equal whilst appreciating that fact.