I've a question about questions! ?

I have some questions for GaG about questions and opinions.
1. When answering anonymously: Does it affect one's MHO percentage?
2. When one answers a question where the asker has already awarded MHO, does it negatively affect one's MHO percentage?
2.1: And if so, why? Because I think it should not, as it could discourage a member from answering those questions. Even after MHO has been selected, the asker can still benefit from more opinions.

Thanks people! :-D


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  • 1. Yes it lowers your percentage with every response if you don't get MHO.
    2. im pretty sure it does yes.
    2:1. I'm agree with you on this, that's why I don't care about my percentage as I feel inclined to give my opinion on certain questions regardless.
    Also when I get MHO I like to say thankyou for being chosen, which in assuming lowers my MHO percentage lol!
    So yeah stuff my percentage if i get penalised for using manners haha. :)

    • Wait, how does saying thank you bring it down? Comments don't affect it.

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    • Yeah, only opinions, not opinion comments. Look at it this way: if it can receive MHO, it can also bring ya down. Comments are just the conversation on opinions.

    • Great to know thanks.


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  • lol can't believe only guys have answered this question!

    • I know, right? Girls hate me I guess. :-P even you did not technically answer the question. :-$

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    • Still, ya got the bonus point! B-)

    • yay go me! aha, thanks

What Guys Said 5

  • 1. Yes, anonymous opinions will increase/decrease your MHO percentage just like any other opinion would.
    2. Yes, if you share on a question with a MHO and you're not awarded, it will decrease your percentage.
    2.1. Any question with MHO gets figured into the numbers for your MHO, we only exclude auto-selections.

  • 1. no
    2. yes, because you won't get a MHO anyway

    • But I feel like it shouldn't affect someone's MHO percentage because they don't have a shot at winning. And the advice can still be beneficial to the asker. Automatically counting against one's MHO rating could discourage further responses. I dont know. That's just my thoughts on this.

  • I have no idea, @GirlsAskGuys should answer this

  • 1. Yes
    2. No
    2.1. Nothing to worry about.

    Good Luck :)

  • 1- NO
    2- NO
    2.1- Not applicable

    • Awesome! That's how I think it should be.

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    • For me personally, its more important to give good advice than have the best Most Helpful percentage.