Could this be the Girls Ask Guys apocalypse?

What is going on? Grab your guns! Grab your goats! @Chocolateismylover, grab your Sriracha #survivalfood @JackKerouac77, grab your games, PM your friends goodbye, because that's all we can do at this point! :O its been nice knowing you all!

O never mind. We survived yet again :-D. I didn't know this would would post. I couldn't view any questions when i made this one. :-P


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  • LMAO , I guess I missed whatever happened?

    • Yeah, GaG was down for like, a few hours. It wasn't really a big deal, I'm just overdramatic. "Grab your goats" seemed like an appropriate thing to say, and when I thought of goats, I thought of you. But, we survived, so no worries. :-P

    • lol I remember the one last time. I woulda definetly grabbed my goat and ran. Glad everyone survived :p

  • So this is what Heaven looks like. More losery than I thought it'd be.


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