How do you know if he likes you?

I really like this guy since middle school. My feels towards him have been on and off ever since. On my Birthday he messaged me to say "Happy Birthday" . He has seen me and I have seen him as well at the bus stop this week , but we have not really approached one another. I was at the bus top waiting for my bus and I knew he was there with his friends, but when the bus stopped inorder to let people on he came up to me and gave me a hug from behind and said " You don't know how to say hi." I said "I didn't see you and he said you're a bad liar." I'm totally confused. Why did he wait that long to approach me? Could be possibly like me?


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  • Liking is NOT crushing or loving.

    He might just like your looks, your smile, your clothes or your bra size. That doesn't mean he's crushing on you.


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  • This situation doesn't say much. You must see the whole context, the way he behaves towards you and the possible signs he can give.


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  • I think it is very possible that he likes you! That was super flirtatious of him. There really is no way to know for sure, unless he straight up tells you that he likes you or asks you out on a date. But from where I'm sitting, I would say that he does. And he might have waited that long to approach you because he was possibly waiting for you to approach him.

    • So he might like me? I'm afraid to tell him how I feel.

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    • It depends on the situation! Wave at him, smile at him. Be super friendly, let him know that you notice him, and it's not just a one way thing where he is always talking to you first. Do you have a class with him? Ask him a question on the classwork/homework.

    • He goes to a different school.