Why is it I answer and try to give my best advice but the favor isn't returned to my questions?

I've answered more than three times the questions I asked and when I ask in return to help answer my questions I don't get it?


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  • i sometimes have the same thought. i think some questions don't end up on the feed that much, because nobody gives opinions on them. sometimes it might be the timing that you asked. maybe people will answer more when its night time or something haha, some do it just for the experience points, sometimes it might just be the subject... i guess there is not one big reason. i sometimes also wanted more answers. and one time i did one really really stupid question, a bit as a joke, where i thought only 2/3 people would respond, and it got almost 200 answers total, witch i thought was ridiculous lol
    sometimes you might as well just ask the same question a few days later again


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  • Maybe you ask questions about personal relationships which are hard to answer...

    • well yea that's why I'm asking cause it's hard to figure out but some kind advice doesn''t matter right or wrong could at least help alittle bit.

  • xper points of course


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  • Because not everyone wants to answer questions. No one is obligated to answer any question just because you answer others questions.

    • I'm only going to ask you one more time to leave me alone on here and if you don't I'm going to contact the site owner.

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    • I only blocked you, k goodbye

    • Really couldn't care less, you're not the first.

  • It doesn't matter we all get the same but it doesn't matter who gives you the best answer... people don't always think like us, whatever works better, our way isn't always the right way.

    • and nobody said it was, this question is about common curtisy not about the best answers, you can reread the question

    • oh... sorry lol i've just cleaned my glasses because i noticed they were dirty lol i apologize. Yeh i get the same thing, it's jsut people being people, they expect help but don't give help in return, i have a group on FB for arts and crafts but they don't even post nothing... they expect me to just post stuff... then they leave when they don't see me posting, they just thinking about themselves all the time, or just silly people beating around the bush, most answers are just them avoiding the honest answer but they post anyway because they are sad XPers lol.