Would become shy if you ran across somebody here on GAG by coincidence?

I think if accidentally ran into someone here on GAG I'd be shy and probably just say hi to them and them keep walking away lol. Or probably just say "hi how have you been"? Even though I don't know them in real life just from GAG lmao.


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  • If I came across somebody here on GAG, I would treat like any stranger I see. I wouldn't talk to them or smile at them. I would treat them as if they don't exist. That's how I am with strangers, lol.


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  • Well, how I typically treat strangers who just passes
    by, is that I try to make eye contact, and if possible
    I'll smile at them.

    But if I knew they were from here, I'd definitely
    invite them to tea or something in my house.

    Could be fun, who knows. ^.^

    • Your a bold kid :)

    • I'm many things, but people usually call me
      reckless instead of bold, but sure. ^.^

      People don't scare me, they intrique/amuse me. ^.~

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  • I don't beleive in coincidence.

    they found out your real name, where you live/work/play, bought a ticket, and are now hardcore stalking you. BEWARE!


  • I probably wouldn't even recognize them.


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