When people have a poll in their question, why do you think it is that most of them never add an option to just see the answers?

i find it so annoying!! lol sometimes im have to give an answer that i really dont agree with, just to see the results. if lots of people do that, then the overall result probably won't be accurate right? it only takes 2 seconds people xD


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  • Haha, you do realize that an additional poll option to view how people voted would skew the results too, right?

    But yeah, people have asked before for a way to be able to see poll results, without needing to vote or use an additional poll option to do so. I think it's a good idea.

    • how can it affect the results?


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  • Quite a lot of the polls I see do offer that option. Some simply don't have enough spaces to put it, though.

    • yeah some do. but i think lots of them still dont. so many that i even wanted to ask here haha
      and i see it with lots of polls that only have 2/3 options

    • I just don't vote if there's not a satisfactory choice.

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  • The most common reason is simply that the question owner is thinking about his choices and not even remembering that some people not taking part in the poll will need to see the result.