Hooked up with and interested in a coworker. Thoughts?

Long story short I am in my mid twentys he is in early 30s. We have known eachother for 5 years and work in the same company but not often directly. He travels a lot and spends time out of state for work. He recently came back to our office and is living near here as well. I've always thought he was cute but never really thought anything of it. He came back about 2 months ago and we chatted a bit and caught up and said we should get together. At our work holiday party (everyone drinks a lot) we all have too many cocktails and him and I ended up making out at the "after party" in front of some select coworkers. We later hooker up. Things were fine and we didn't see eachother over the holidays due to being home for them. We recently hungout again and had a great night out with friends and hooked up again. Spent the morning cuddling in bed and got breakfast. He said he had a good time and I said we should do it again soon, he said anytime. During the week we are both busy and didn't talk much except small talk in the office. Then this Friday he invited me out with some of our other coworkers. I was in for the night and he offered to leave them and join me. however I hadn't showered and was already in bed, so I said no but that perhaps we could do something the following day. We ended up both being out downtown at different places and he wanted me to meet him. I was out for a friends bday so I said I would let him know. He text me when he was heading home asking if I needed a ride but I was dancing and didn't see. I text him the next morning apologizing. I am interested in him I feel like this past weekend made him think I'm blowing him off. I invited him to watch a football game Sunday afternoon but he said he was goong to the gym then napping and would let me know. He text me later that he was too tired but to enjoy my night. I am hoping I haven't messed things up. I would be interested in seeing where this goes, so I am hoping he is not just in it for sex.


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  • Nowadays, people do it all the time. I know a guy who's hooked up with 4 different women at work - so far. Two of them were at the same time in a menage a trois scenario (I'm almost tempted to get a job a that guy's work place lol). In today's moral climate (or lack of it), having an intimate relationship with a coworker (s) is hardly an issue.

  • Could you blame him if he was purely interested in casual sex?


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