Ladies question: How important is a man's hair to a woman?

I am watching Seinfeld and Elaine told Jerry 'You don't know how important a man's hair is to a woman.'

So how important is a man's hair to a woman compared to his other features like his eyes, attire, teeth, and etc.


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  • That's a really interesting question actually... I can't speak for any other women so I would take each response with a pinch of salt. I've never thought about this before, and I always say that looks don't matter to me. But I guess physical features other than handsomeness do. I'm not sure how I can compare hair to the other features you described, but I need to like a mans hair. I don't have a "type" of hair that I like, but I still need to like it. A mans hair kind of shows his personality. It contributes a lot to his attractiveness, how neat he looks, how clean he looks, and I guess subconsciously it might tie into assessing someones genetics. Have you ever seen pictures on Facebook or elsewhere saying something like "girls, if you still like him after his haircut, you're in love". When you start liking a guy I guess you like the overall package, and hair is something you don't realize will change until it does, and it can make someone look completely different.
    The guy I like now has really tightly cut, curly auburn hair. That's something really distinctive about him and kind of sets him apart. I guess no one really has the exact same hair. He got a hair cut recently and he went from looking cute and a bit awkward to full on sexy. I guess it just tells a lot about a person and is distinctive.

    • Yeah a man's hair may represent his personality but how about when they cannot find the right hairdresser to cut their hair the way they want?

    • It's not totally about the actual hairstyle. We don't deduce that much from a hairstyle usually unless its a distinctive one.


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  • Eh, it's pretty important. If I don't like your hair then it will throw your whole face off to me. I also dislike hair cuts a lot. I love my bf's hair. It's a little short, but it's really curly (kind of like black hair, but still has the feel of white hair) Lol, I can't explain it.

  • honestly its not that important. As long as its well kept I don't really care. It is actually unattractive to me if a guy spends a ton of time on his hair, I think that there are other things that are more important.

  • physically from beauty aspects it is important. looking from a mature view it shouldn't be important in a society that male pattern baldness is very much spread.

    • Well, thats the point of the whole episode because George is bald and Elaine said to Jerry 'You don't know how important hair is to a woman.'

      And when she found out her boyfriend wanted to marry her but he was going bald, she was like 'I could have 3 years of fun with him.'

    • it is just being immature. if you look too you will see the less the age of a woman is the more hair is important to her. Also if you look at male pattern baldness majority of the cases begin between the age of 28-34. and that is an age that it will be naturally less important for women because they are more matured. the group that it happens for them in younger ages are unlucky. because they face many immature young women who put more stress in hair.

      also we have females who face hair loss but the pattern is different in women. And again, as they age more face it.

      so in the end, it is something that the stress on it will go away with age. but it may not change that someone finds hair on someone else attractive.

  • To me a boy's hair is the first thing I notice about him. If a boy did not have nice hair I would not go out with them.

  • hair is important to me. im very picky with what i like on a man. i like short, but not buzz cut short, hate long, i like short messy hari


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