Is it me or do a lot of people ask stupid and obvious questions?

I feel like a lot of people seem like desperate losers on this site. Not all, it's just some of the questions and topics going on this site.


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  • Common sense isn't common^_^

    • Haha you certainly got that right.


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  • I've thought of this site as a place where the stupid people gather.

    • Hahah it seems like it. I am reading some of these questions and I am scratching my head. Society is doomed X_X

    • It is doomed indeed.

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  • It's true. I think the same thing. And at some point, you get tired of answering them. I really like this site, but man the content lately hasn't been the most interesting/original.

    • I feel like the internet in general is not really an accurate example of what goes on in real life. Problems seem to be over-exaggerated (usually, whatever people complain about is not really as bad in real life).

    • That is true. I am getting tired of some of these questions. That's why you can't always believe everything or trust what is on the internet lol