OMG! This new layout ruined my avatar T_T Did you like this new format/Layout of GAG?

As you can observe, GAG has changed it's layout. Did you like it or not? What's the best & worst thing on your Point of View?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I am getting used to it
    so far i am okay
    just dont understand why is it a circle for the avatar

    • Exactly, you stole my words same to same :)

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    • I glad gag isn't famous lol
      I dw my friends here
      yahoo answers is very boring

Most Helpful Guy

  • Well it's alright but the age thing bugs me, I mean @Klaatu51 & @thechica how are these guys older than me? (I call B. S.) I can't accept this, especially Klaatu. . . no offense. There are a few others I would point out but these two were easy to find

    And the whole random opinion thing where it shows your most up voted comments? On one of them I was pretending to be a woman for RP, somehow it made it on to the list. . . I don't even know what to think about that, now people on my profile might get the wrong idea. . . . but I have to admit that I'd probably make a good woman, I'd try to be a very manly woman. . . who likes to eat a lot, play games and I'd go out with the girls and stuff

    Yeah, I couldn't find my GIF so I'll just have to use this one ^ for now

    • do you consinder me immature? :-(

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    • @thechica no problem. I suppose you're right about that. . . there aren't many drag queens around but I wouldn't go that far anyway (just sayin'). And I don't have a lot of shame

      @ asker the truth has prevailed but at what cost? Some people can't handle the truth

      @LovesTVDx don't worry about it young one, you still have much to learn. I'd give you a pat on the head because you're younger than me

    • Mmm patronising.. I'm only a year younger than you...

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What Girls Said 7

  • It messed mine up too but I fixed it. Go to your profile and click on the pencil icon on your profile image, it lets you adjust it :)

    • Yes I know and agree with you, But I created my avatar just a week ago & it took me 2 hours (I know it's not that pretty but I felt happy after successfully drawing it). The problem is, it cropped my signature :'(.
      Even your profile is not looking that dashing as it used to be. :/

    • Lol No ones profiles look the same. It will definitely take some getting used to.

  • I'm sobbing as we speak 😭

  • mine is like an oblate shape its awesome. u got the tour guide from the underworld in a cool off-circle blowin' her whistle at u while I call u names. I could not ask for more in this life

  • I love it!

    • How can you love these round profile pictures T_T? Look, your face is cropped.
      by the way I agree rest changes are quite impressive ^_^

    • It's not a big deal to me. It makes it look more modern! You can re-crop your face on your profile like honeybee said.

    • It'll turn it into half of what I've now. O_O It's better not to touch it.
      By the way, thanks for your input.

  • Nooo I dislike that everyone now knows my age lol!!! They might as well add the month and the day I was born haha !!

  • I hate it cause now I sound like a kid to probably everyone

    • Haha don't worry, age is just a number. Real maturity comes from inside :)

  • Personally not a huge fan


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