Notification glitch?

I get a notification for a response on an opinion, and for some reason as I click on the question it redirects me to the topic and other questions. Does anyone else have this problem? I think the question was deleted but the notification was not.


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  • Yeah, that may be a Moderator having taken it down
    You can easily find the posting guidelines in the FaQ

    If a question breaks any of these
    there's a good chance, it'll be taken down. ^.~


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  • It could be a question that a moderator has hidden but an admin has not approved or denied yet. If an admin thinks the question should be removed and deletes it, that should take care of the notification.

    • Is this a new feature? I've never had this happen before.

    • No. It's not a feature at all. It just sometimes happens when a question has been hidden but not approved or denied by admins yet. So, you still have a notification because the question has not been permanently deleted yet, however, you can't view it because a mod has hidden it. When an admin takes care of the issue, the notification should go away.

  • Ya, mine has this too. It's happening right now and it's extremely annoying :/


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