Are these mixed signals or does he not like me anymore?

Last month, my crush and I admitted to each other that we liked each other. We were regularly talking and hugging and stuff. I think that we were progressing because he wanted to go out with me. We were texting almost daily and stuff, too. Now this month rolled in and he's been an asshole to me. He doesn't text me anymore like that because he wants me to text him now, he's being kinda defiant towards me. I see him flirting with girls who are total sluts and when we do text, he asks me questions like, "what would you do if I touched your boobs?" and I'm just disgusted and he's just changed, to me. I feel like confronting the next time I see him but I fear I'll say something stupid or just mess up because I feel so insecure around him and also because he's an idiot. I can feel myself slowly getting over him but I don't know what to do now. What can I do now?


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  • I think he probably had sex and that changed him. Dump him.


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  • Maybe he's going through puberty.


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  • Play the game. When he asks you "what would you do if i touched your boobs?" ask him what he would do if you let him... then walk away. See what happens...