Why is there a block anonymous button? And why does anyone use it?

I really wish GaG would get rid of this. It's so annoying when I go to answer a question and then see I can't answer anonymously so I don't answer because I like to always answer anonymously. Why ask a question then stop anonymous people answering? Especially since anonymous answers are the most honest.
One of the best things about GaG is the anonymous button and I think they are stupid making a bock anonymous button, and anyone who uses it is stupid. Especially on embarassing/sexual questions.
GaG please remove this feature


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  • Because some people don't like or want anonymous responses. A lot of people use the anonymous function to troll. That doesn't mean everyone abuses it, but a lot do. The "block anonymous users" feature for questions won't be going anywhere, it got added to the site because that's what the majority of users wanted.

    • Hardly anyone abuses it, and most troll answers aren't anonymous anyway

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    • At least on sexually related questions the feature should be blocked

    • I disagree, everyone should have the option to block anonymous users if they want to. If you want to answer so bad then show your username, if not, move on to a different question that allows anonymous users.

  • Anonymous users are definitely honest, but there are also many who abuse the function and troll (which happens with regular users too obviously), or they insult people incessantly while they're anonymous because they know they can't be blocked by the person they're harassing. I don't have a problem with the anonymous option at all, but I just have a problem with the way some people abuse the hell out of it. And for what, so they can be a nameless keyboard warrior? That behaviour is really quite annoying, and I'm betting it's the main reason why people block anons when they ask questions here. If I'm ever insulted or harassed by somebody on one of my posts, it's usually by an anon person. Basically, these anonymous trolls ruin the anon function for everybody who wants to use it.

    I don't think anybody who blocks anon answers is stupid. If I ask a sexual question, I always allow anon opinions because it's only fair. However, if the question is something harmless like "What's your favourite video game?" then I don't really see the point in anon answers and I don't think it's stupid to block them. It's absolutely fine to always go anon, but if there's a question you want to answer so badly but can't because they've blocked anons, I don't see what the big problem is with showing your username. Is there a problem with you not being anonymous for one answer? Sometimes I like to know who I'm talking to. :)

  • Dude, you're on the internet. Chang your profile photo and post with your username... it isn't your real identity!

    People use it because as you well know people make real nasty comments when anon, so dry your eyes and move on because this will not happen.

  • Because anonymous people are usually trolls so they don't want any trolls on their opinions.

    • No they aren't, they are usually either people like me who like answering anonymously or else because they want to answer honestly about something that they don't want on their profile. Most troll answers aren't anonymous

    • Not true, at opinion owner. Actually in my experience, non-anonymous users troll more.

  • Because there are many anon users who troll or were really rude, and even if we report it the mods may not remove the comments. So I decided all topics to block anon button.
    I have to agree some anon users do give good advice.
    I wouldn't agree to remove that function.
    If anyone want to ans, then do it openly.

    • *So I decided all topics to block anon users.

    • Well I guess it's a choice between there being a tiny possibility of someone trolling or blocking anonymous and having lots of people hate you

    • having lots of people hate the asker?

  • I don't really care one way or the other on blocking anons when you post a question. The option I would like is to be able to block an anonymous member who is being rude or trolling. You know the same way you can block me if you don't agree or like my comment on your anon question.

    • Yeah they should get rid of the block anonymous and have the option to remove an anonymous answer that annoys them. I'm not sure exactly what blocking someone does, I've never tired it

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    • That is the one problem with it you don't know your blocked till you try to post on their question. I am blocked by one guy I know of for what reason I don't know.

    • Usually when you block someone on something you don't want them to know

  • I don't mind that feature.

  • Some anonymous post are extremely rude and users do not like being subjected to that. That option won't go away.


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  • Because i don't want having random people insulting me, hiding behind "anonymous" that's why i block them

    Also i want to know who's posting on my questions

    • You know if its a guy or a girl and you know their age, you don't need to see a face too

  • because many users here think all anonymous users are trolls and dont acknowledge the genuine ones.

    • Yeah and the truth is most trolls don't go anonymous because they feel proud of it and want people to know them

    • True. If only people would acknowledge that.