Why do guys stop texting?

I was texting with one guy regularly. We felt fine. He said me that i was special for him. That he was interested in me. We texted each other almost every day. It was funny. But now he stopped texting without any explanation. He is online but doesn't write me. what may be reason of it?


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  • Not all guys do that. I've always been in the same exact situations with girls, but I know that not all of them are like that.

    In regards to the guy in your post, maybe he's just going through personal or family issues and doesn't want to talk to anyone. But if he's only doing that to you, then he's just an asshole.


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  • Boredom, a lack of progress in his pursuit or progress in a different one.
    He could also just be busy with other things in his life.

    • I don't think he was bored with me. we were funny and he said i was too interesting for him.

  • If he always initiated a conversation first, he probably feels like he's annoying you. If anything, a simple "Hello" from you would probably assure him that you'd like to talk to him.

    • Thanks, I'll consider. But i think that if guy wants to talk with you he will write, and if he doesn't , then he is busy or something like this.

  • I dont really know. If he was interested in you, i guess he would send you message
    or he may expect you to send message to him? maybe

    • I think he expects me to send message first. But until now he was the one who initiated and if he is busy i don't want to be bothering.

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    • Yes you are right. Couse i think that if guy wants to text you he will text, and if he doesn't then everything is clear.

    • i guess so
      wish the best for you :)

  • My fingers get tired.

  • I've had the same thing happen to me a couple of times in the past 5 months with a few girls. It just means that they changed their minds or are uninterested. Its 100% totally their loss though! Its a shame, but theyll regret it at some point in their life

    • what do you mean, they didn't answer you or didn't initiate conversation?

    • Ill give you examples!
      Girl 1: We texted intermittently for a week and then she just stopped texting me
      Girl 2: We went on a lovely date, then we constantly texted each other for a week after, then she didn't respond
      Girl 3: We texted each other for a week, then went on a nice date, then I met her folks (they gave me amazing reviews), and then she stopped texting me

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  • Have you tried messaging him first instead? and if this is a phone app then maybe he's just busy and his phone automatically signs him in

    • No i haven't tried. He is always one who initiates. and if he is busy i don't want to be bothering.