Should I lose weight?

It's a hard choice for me to make, especially because I'm a woman which means that when I lose weight I also lose cup size in my breasts.

So here's the sitch: For most of my life, I always had small boobs. I always felt insecure about them and finally ended up just ignoring them as much as possible, not even looking at myself when I would undress in front of a mirror. But at least I was skinnier then.

Now, over the past two years I gained weight and although I may be chubbier, my but is fuller and rounder and I'm actually really happy with my boobs. My breast are a size that I actually enjoy holding in my hands, playing with, and even staring at in the mirror when I'm naked. I finally feel like an actual woman and not just a girl. But then there's the fact that my family expects me to lose the weight I've gained but also I feel like I should too. My arms got chubbier and my face as well which doesn't look the best on me but is still okay.

So should I lose weight and just not care about my breasts or should I just be happy with the way I am now? It's not that I'm unhealthy or obese, it's just that I could be skinnier if I wanted to.


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  • Your body, your decision. As long as you are happy and healthy then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. The key though is health. It is one thing to have an extra 5 or 10 lbs on you, it is another to have an extra 30 or 50, regardless of how it looks, it puts stress and strain on your body so that it doesn't work properly. No physical appearance preference is worth that kind of health issue.

    Given your age range: I'm betting your breasts won't lose as much as you think. You are just now at the age for the end of development. What wasn't there in breast tissue before, may very well be there now regardless of the weight. I know I personally rarely loose weight and size in my breasts. I have lost 20% of my body weight before, while in the age bracket you are now. The measurements of my waist, hips, thighs, and arms all dropped by 15-20%, my breasts didn't even drop a full 5%

    • That may be true for you, and you're lucky, but it's not true for me. I've lost a lot of weight before and in doing so, lost a LOT of my breast size. It simply has to do with genetics. Some women, like yourself, barely notice a difference, while others like me notice a significant one.

    • This is true. However you need to factor in how long ago your breasts were significantly smaller without weight on. If you started putting weight on at 16 or 18, then your breasts were not fully grown and you do not know their actual size when you have 0 extra lbs on you.
      But if your weight is high enough it is causing your breasts to be that significantly bigger, I'm guaranteeing you that you have too much extra weight. Find your healthy BMI level, choose a weight on it's higher end so that you get to maximize your breast size.
      I have a very large chest, and in my youth my biggest fear was that I would be an A cup like my mom, so I understand your concerns. But do not let breast size define you, they really don't matter. If anything having large breasts limits me in life because other people judge me for them (mostly women) and assume I'm this terrible person that is going to steal their men. Or they think I'm dumb (I have a genius IQ) or easy and slutty. Learn to be happy with you

    • Yeah, that's a good idea. I really should figure out what my BMI level is, thanks :) and you're completely right about being happy with yourself.

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  • As long as you're happy, your family shouldn't worry. Of course, if you are so overweight it affects your health, THAT is a problem but that's obviously not the case here.

    • Yeah, no they're not worried about it, they don't even really mention it but they have this false perception of health which means you need to be skinny to be healthy and happy. Your weight does not always determine your health. Think of me as someone like Jennifer Lawrence. She's not fat but she's not a stick either. She's curvy but she's still healthy (presumably).

    • Tell them you can be significantly overweight and STILL have no health problems, while you can be skinny with a slew of health problems. They're ignorant.

    • Yeah, I think that they know that. Maybe they're just a bit vain though.

  • your body might cut the fat from another area before your boobies. try it out.

    • I already know that it will because I've lost a lot of weight before. I lose it in my face, boobs, and arms first.

    • try lifting weights targeting your chest and then do cardio.

  • I'd pick a skinnier girl with no boobs over a chubby one with boobs, but that's my personal preference. You have to be happy with your body, it's yours.

  • Your choices should be based on your health... not to please others. Don't base your self-esteem on body parts...

    • That's good advice, thanks. But it's not about my health because I'm healthy now.

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  • I say that as long as you're healthy, and you like the way you look, then stay with it. You keep doin you.

  • As long as you are healthy keep your weight the way you are if it makes you happy.