Why won't he just leave me alone?

Trying to make a long story short. Me and this guy met through mutual friends. Crazy connection from the beginning. Talked, flirted, spent the night together (no sex, just kissed), Expressed feelings for each other. Guy later says he isn't ready for serious commitment but they agree to keep hanging out like they have been. Still hanging out, talking more and more, still staying the night together (still no sex) and one night he invites me to a party at his house... and also invites his ex girlfriend, who he was all cuddled up with the entire night. I was so mad. It was disrespectful so I told the guy off and told him I was done with him.

He leaves me alone for about a week and then all the sudden starts sending me drunk snapchats. Then he starts liking my Facebook posts again. And I'm really good friends with his roommates so when I go to hang out with them he's always there and always tries to start up conversation with me, he does things for me like gets me drinks or if I ask one of my friends to help me with something, he jumps up and does it before they can. I don't get it. I told you I was done. And it's not like he's apologized or tried talking to me in a real way about the situation. He just keeps trying to act like nothing happened.

And I don't feel like i can be like that with him and those feelings not resurface. And if he isn't interested in me or didn't care about me then why would he be trying so damn hard to get back in my good graces. Especially when he knows I have feelings for him.


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  • If you have feeling for him, then defriend him on Facebook, ignore his snapchats, and stop hanging out places that you know he's going to be.

    Do you really need this whole thing spelled out for you?


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  • Because you just wrote..."he knows I have feelings for him."?


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  • Some men like to feel in control. He doesn't like the idea that you stood up to him, so he wants to feel that you're still after him. It's an ego thing.

    Block him from Facebook, avoid him if you go somewhere and see him. Let him know that you're going to stick to your word and not fall into the same things over and over after what he did!