Anybody know if this is a GAG issue or an iPhone issue?

So if you know me on here, you know I rely heavily upon visual aids, i. e. pics, videos, memes, gifs, etc in my answers. It's all part of the greatness that is WhiteSteve๐Ÿ˜œ

One of the things that drives me absolutely nuts is being signed out of GAG if I open a new tab on Safari (the internet app on the iPhone), even for a second. Usually I have a response typed out, then I'll open a new tab to find the appropriate pic or video to accompany the answer, then when I go back to the GAG tab, the site reloads (only SOMETIMES, maybe 60% of the time) and I have to sign in again and I lose the epic novel I just wrote. And I can't copy what I wrote because I'll lose it when I copy the link to the file I'm including. The only fail-safe option is to copy and paste the written portion on my Notes app, add the file address, then copy and paste the whole thing onto GAG, and that, my friends, is a horrendous pain in the ass.

So I'm sending out the Bat Signal to @Tolga , @Sparrow24 , and any other tech wizards that might read this: firstly, is this a GAG problem, or does the iPhone just suck? And IF it's a GAG issue, is there a way to fix this? I'd imagine GAG has something in the program to automatically sign people out after a certain time limit or a specific action. Is there a way to allow switching between tabs without being signed out of GAG? Maybe allow like 15 minutes before automatic sign-out?

I suck at all things technological, so any help/advice is appreciated! ๐Ÿ‘

PS: I don't know of GAG has an app or not, but all of this is my dirty secret, so I don't want a permanent app visible on my phone, I only intend to use Safari.

I'm hearing some responses telling me to use te "remember me" option, but I'm not really comfortable with automatic sign-ins. I just want to not be automatically signed OUT.


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  • Dude, your savior is here.
    The problem is in your safari (and somewhat in iPhone).
    When you open a new tab on safari it doesn't handle the previous tab's data since it has to be saved on RAM and that's taking load.
    So when you switch to the previous tab it reloads.
    And probably you have turned off the keep cookies option, you can turn it on and you won't have to sign in again. But maybe the page reloading problem would still persist. And you have to type it again (because page loses all its temp data when it reloads).
    Simple thing, use chrome.


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  • If you're on you iphone, when you log in remember to hit 'remember me' that'll save you a lot of hassle. It also selfs to bookmark it on Safari. It gets saved as an icon on your Safari.

  • I had that problem till I hit 'remember me'

  • It happens to me too buddy. You're not one in this journey ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ฑ


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  • I use GAG on my windows PC and my Android phone
    And I'm not having such issues.
    I guess it's your iPhone's fault.

    • Did you hit "remember me"?

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    • Try this, I think it'll solve your problem.
      or contact GAG directly because we are not having such issues.

    • [UPDATE] Hit 'remember-me' & before leaving GAG always 'sign-out'. Your privacy will remain safe. :-)
      in my opinion it won't save your password. It saves your login.

  • 1. The GAG app is absolute shit.
    2. I have an iPhone and have not experienced the same issues that you're currently facing :/

  • Hmm I use Google Chrome for internet on my iPhone and it has never signed me out by opening a new tab. I know that's not really a solution but more of a work around but I haven't had that issue.

  • I tried several different scenarios (private mode, multiple tabs, waiting 5 minutes etc) and this is not happening when tested in iphone 6 with safari.. Does it usually happen if you wait too long or any other way to replicate this?

    • It could 100% just be my phone. I'm not big into technology, I didn't even own a smartphone til last year, so I have an old hand-me-down 4S, this may all work fine with later editions. I'm going to experiment a little today with some of the suggestions I've been given and I'll let you all know how it works out.

  • This sounds like a Safari or iOS app problem.

    As long as u click the "remember me" check box when u log in, that prevents the automatic sign out.

  • I've got the same issue on iPhone :/ I usually just do all the gif answer/opinions when I get home on the lappy.