How to get more answers from people?

How can I get more answers from more people on here? Thanks! (:


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  • Our FAQ has some suggestions.

    Make sure to add a title that both interests readers and clearly defines your Question, then check your spelling and grammar for any mistakes.

    Do not type your Question or Question title in all CAPS and do not capitalize every word.

    DO NOT use smileys or emoticons in your Question titles.

    Be specific about the Question you are asking or advice you are seeking and give clear details about your situation so members can better help you but try to avoid making it so long that it'll turn them off.

    Add details to your profile so that members can know a bit about you to advise you better.

    Share your Opinions on other users' Questions and myTakes to increase the visibility of your profile. Having a unique profile picture to draw attention to your post never hurts.

    If you're going to include spoilers in your post, please let the users know before you reveal the spoiler. We don't want anything ruined for anyone.

    You can also feature your Question. Featured Questions are kept at the top of recent questions and in the Feeds for 24 hours.


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  • Just make questiosn with a meaning


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  • Title with a wittier articulation of your question. :)

  • Ask fun questions that are easy to answer like "whats your favorite food?"