Why am I being redirected to ellassaben?

Now this is really annoying. Since the past one hour or so, whenever I try to access GAG from my mobile device, it redirects me to www.ellassaben.com I never changed the region, language or anything else on my device.

The worst part is, that other site seems to be in a language I don't understand, so I'm unable to get back to girlsaskguys. com.

Anyone else facing this issue? And any possible remedy?

I just realized this is happening only on Windows Phone devices and tablets, because they use internet explorer. Try opening the site with internet explorer on your desktop or laptop, and it redirects you to the other site.
Another update:- This issue now affecting Android users too, when they use Chrome browser. Same case with Google Chrome on the desktop. Currently, the English site only opening with Mozilla Firefox on the PC.


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  • Its a Spanish version of this website :D yay!!! Que bien!!!

    Maybe this just want more people going to ell@ssaben :) who knows!!!
    But ima make a account since I do speak Spanish 👍


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  • Yooo, me too, man!

    • Hmmm... that means it is a pretty widespread issue, affecting several people. I thought it was just me!

  • I used to, but it doesn't happen to me anymore. Sorry I don't know why it happened or how it stopped.

    • This is really frustrating. I tried using SEVERAL browsers on my device, yet the problem persists. The strange thing is, it never happens to me when I access the site from my desktop PC.

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  • Some girl today was having the same issue she had message up about it

  • When I have problems loading pages on my phone I "restart", as opposed to "power off."
    So far that's fixed any issues. Sometimes I get updates I didn't know I needed.

    • I tried that, didn't work. Anyway, I'm just hoping the problems gets resolved soon.

  • could be just a glitch